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    BRAU 6 and HYPATIA award

BRAU6 specific topic

Restoration technologies along the Italy-Bangladesh Maritime Silk Road: past, present and future

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CICOP Net Brasil is a member of CICOP Italia (Centro Internazionale per la Conservazione del Patrimonio Architettonico – Italia ONLUS), a non-profit private non-governmental association whose main objective is the preservation and enhancement of architectural heritage in the context of international cooperation with organizations and institutions that pursue similar goals. Active in Europe and the Americas since 1992, CICOP Italia is affiliated to the Confederazione CICOP Net (Network of International Centers for the Conservation of Architectural Heritage), to which CICOP Net Brasil and the other member countries (Bangladesh, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Egypt, Greece, North Macedonia, Pakistan, Spain and Syria).


This CICOP Net Brasil website was created to present the projects and activities of BRAU (Biennale di Restauro Architettonico ed Urbano) and the Hypatia International Award (YπIA).

The Biennial of Architectural and Urban Restoration - BRAU is an international and interdisciplinary cultural event conceived and promoted by CICOP Italia. Founded by Prof. Arch. Nina Avramidou (Honorary President of BRAU), the Biennale di Restauro Architettonico ed Urbano had its project conceived and structured during the nineties, and materialized with its first edition in 2011. It materializes an institutionalized place of permanent verification and comparison that, on an international scale, it dedicates itself to the most varied project experiences in the field of knowledge, enhancement and architectural restoration, as well as the reorganization of the existing city.

The Hypatia International Prize aims to reward the professional work of women and men who, with their commitment in the field of Research, Arts and Professions, have contributed to the progress of scientific knowledge and to the improvement of life.





The Biennial will take place in the former Canonica di San Giovanni, Piazza San Giovanni 7, Florence.

The BRAU Biennial, already in its sixth edition, continues to be the only official international structure that allows the realization of a permanent international FORUM on the restoration of built heritage, aiming at the conservation, requalification and reinvention of architectural and urban spaces. This periodic cultural event, with official headquarters in Italy, is structured with a strongly interdisciplinary perspective that addresses multifaceted aspects of theoretical definition and aspects related to the sustainable use of restoration technologies, both those from the past and the most innovative. The BRAU Biennial was born out of a careful analysis of all the aspects (cultural, social, economic and technical) that govern, in an integrated manner, the processes of conservation and transformation of the built heritage and, at the same time, conserve values, resources and documents that respond to the main needs and expectations of direct users.





Biennial of Architectural and Urban Restoration

BRAU is an International and Interdisciplinary cultural event that will take place in 4 continents

from 15 to 30 October 2023

The Biennial will take place in the former Canonica di San Giovanni, Piazza San Giovanni 7, Florence.




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