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2020 Hypatia Award 

Hypatia International Award (YπIA)


why the prize


To award the professional work of women and men who, with their commitment in the field of Research, Arts and Professions, have contributed to the progress of scientific knowledge and to the improvement of life.

Encourage and promote the activities of all members associated with YπIA in similar European and international organizations and institutions.

Work to end all forms of discrimination against all people who are successfully engaged in the field of Research, Arts and Professions, both in the workplace and in the family environment.

Create conditions for exchange and collaboration between institutions in countries where conditions of discrimination against people of all ages and in particular against women persist.

Who proposes people to reward


All Associates and Founders can propose the names of the people to be awarded, specifying and adequately documenting the motivations.


Proposals must be addressed to the Presidents of ΥπIA and the Executive Director, who transmit them for request to all Steering Committee members. The decision must be motivated and endorsed by all members of the ΥπIA Steering Committee.


founding members


In the initial phase, which ended in April 2020, the Steering Committee of ΥπIA is made up of the Founding members, who elect the Presidents, the Executive Director and the General Secretary from among themselves.


Five presidents are appointed: one for African countries, one for American countries, one for Asian countries, one for Australian countries, one for European countries.

YπIA Founding Members


In an initial phase, which will end in April 2020, the Steering Committee of HyπIA is made up of the Founding Members, who elect from among themselves the Presidents, the Executive Director, the General Secretary, the Treasurer and the Archivist.


Founders of ΥπIA (in order of membership dates)


Prof. Arch. Nina Avramidou, UNIFI, President of CICOP Italia, Italy

doctor Ayat Elmihy, PhD. Cairo University – Faculty of Political Science, Director AMPIENED, CICOP Net Egypt, Egypt

Prof. Eng. Elisabeth Vintzileou, Full Professor, NTU Athens, (Greece), Greece

Prof. Arch. Maria Rita Amoroso, PhD. from UNICAMP University – Architecture, Technology and City, CICOP Net Brasil, Brazil

PhD. Elena Korka, Director General of Antiquities and Cultural Heritage, Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports, Greece

PhD. Butt. Prof. Eng. Marta Stojmanovska, UKIM-IZIIS Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology, CICOP Net North

Macedonia, North Macedonia

doctor Sabah Ferdi, Director of Research and President of the CNRA (National Center for Research in Archeology), Algeria

Prof. Eng. Humberto Varum, Full Professor at the University of Porto, Portugal

Prof. Ratiba Sahoui, Professor-Researcher of Geology and Planetology at the Departments of Geology (USTHB, Algiers), Algeria

doctor Eng. Fawzi Doumaz, First / Senior Researcher, INGV Officer in Cosenza (UNICAL), Associate Researcher CNR-ISMA, Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica-Italy (ING), Algeria/Italy

doctor Sakae Takanokura, Florence Academy of Fine Arts, Tama Art University, Tokyo, Japan

Prof. Hassan E. Mahmoud / AKA (Hassan Fedawy), Full Professor, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Decorative Arts, University of Alexandria, Egypt

Prof. Arch. Ezio Godoli, UNIFI Professor, Cedacot President, CICOP Italy Steering Committee, Italy

Bow. Donato Cosenza, Steering Committee of CICOP Italia, Italy

Bow. Benedetta Maio, CICOP Italia Steering Committee, Italy

Presidents of five continents


African countries: Ayat Elmihy

American countries: Maria Rita Amoroso

Asian countries: Sakae Takanokura

Australian countries: Humberto Varum

European countries: Elena Korka

Executive Board


Executive Director: Nina Avramidou

General Secretary: Sabah Ferdi

Treasurer: Elisabeth Vintzileoy

Archivist: Benedetta Maio

Hypatia Award Winners


1st International Hypatia Award 2020 (awarded in 2021)


Prof. Eng. Assia Harbi (Algérie), Seismology, Geophysics

Prof. Eng. Hasnaa Chennaoui Aoudjehane (Maroc), Planetary Geology

Dr Thi Duong Chi Nguen (France), Medicine, Public Health

Prof. Eng. Amado Gustavo Ayala Milian (Mexico), Seismology

doctor Teruko Kawabata (Japan), Nutrition Education

Prof. Dr. Irma Della Giovanpaola (Italy), Archeology

Eng. Fatima Hossaini (Afghanistan), Art, Photography

Dra Niède Guidon (Brazil), Archeology

Prof. Arch. Inas Omar (Egypt), Environmental Conservation

Prof. Arch. Alberto Satolli (Italy) Archivist, Designer

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